Training seminar "Development of Natura 2000 management plans"

October 12, 2021

As part of the short-term training plan that the EU for Natura 2000 project is implemented, the development of management plans for the Natura 2000 Network has been identified as an important topic because

- Preparing management plans for protected areas is an essential instrument for ensuring the conservation of their natural values, the object of protection,

- But also, Natura 2000 concept includes as part of the management priorities the sustainable socio-economic development in the territory

- In the future in Serbia, the integration of the management plans with the management plans of the Natura 2000 Network will be a very useful step to ensure the conservation of the site, simplifying procedures and enriching the models.

A two-day training seminar was held in Vrnjačka Banja with the participation of representatives from 12 protected areas in the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Institutes of Nature Conservation from Serbia and Vojvodina province, covering important topics as strategic planning in nature protection; the key issues in the process of developing management plans, the methodology and differences between current management plans and Natura 2000 management plans, the different roles and responsibilities for the preparation and implementation of management plans, and technical concepts for the assessment of the favourable conservation status of species and habitat types with the purpose to set up conservation measures.

"Various conclusions came out as part of the seminar, highlighting that the management plans of the Natura 2000 Network must be oriented towards the conservation and recovery (reaching the Favourable Conservation Status) of the habitats and species present in the area and are the objects of conservation, they must not respond to other economic interests or of use of the natural resources of the territory, although they regulate these activities in an adequate and sustainable way" - Ana Iñigo, the Natura 2000 project team leader, mentioned.

“I have been involved in this for several years, since the realisation of two projects on priority species, where I worked on filling in data and preparing the basis for Natura 2000, as a biologist. It is logical to continue since I work in Fruška Gora National Park that, I need to have all the relevant information and know what and how to do it.

I got more from this seminar than I expected, primarily because of the story of important and practical things that follow for all of us when it comes to preparing management plans and what to do afterward. This is just the basics and I hope that there will be upgrades to all this “, says Dragiša Savić from the National Park Fruška gora.

“When we mention Uvac, people think of meanders and Griffon Vulture. We also protect other species of birds, of which there are already over 200. These are species recognized by Natura 2000. It is important that we take measures to preserve habitats and birds, but also other species. “We will need to make a lot of new acts, decisions, harmonize with EU laws and acts, to include what is not covered by our laws, but is the EU,” said the acting director of the Special Nature Reserve Uvac Miljka Ducic.