Green Fest panel: Air quality – from European to Local level

Date: October 29, 2020
Time: 12:00 - 14:00
Location: Belgrade

For years we have witnessed that the air in Serbia increasingly polluted. The causes are various - from the increase in economic activities, the increase in electricity exports, to the changed climatic conditions. Of course, this is not a phenomenon that is exclusively related to Serbia, the air quality around the world is getting worse. What is the EU doing to fight for cleaner air? Pollution data is relentless and unambiguous - but what exactly do they tell us? Where does the pollution come from? What are the consequences? Some cities in Serbia are in the lead in terms of pollution and the local population is very endangered. Are citizens well informed? Who pollutes? What does the fight for cleaner air at the local look like? These are just some of the issues that will be discussed at the panel organized by Green Fest in cooperation with Coalition 27 on the topic "Air quality - from European to Local level?" on 29th of October 2020 at 12pm. The link to access the online panel can be found at

Panel speakers are Antoine Avignon, Project manager for the environment and the fight against climate change, Delegation of the European Union, Mirjana Jovanović, Project manager, Belgrade open school, and Nataša Rašković, Protok 21

Moderator of the panel:

Stevan Vujasinović, Communications Coordinator, Climate Action Network (CAN Europe), on behalf of Coalition 27